A Great Commercial from Versus Sports

It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this, I always get motivated.  If anyone knows who the narrator is I’d appreciate to know. Advertisements

Take This Sign Seriously

Another pic from shark valley The first time I saw it I thought to myself, pfft yea right a bird will open my wedge bag and take stuff..  Then I saw a freaking bird land on a bike, open the zipper on a bag, pull out a protein bar and fly away. I’m sure the … Continue reading

Tour de France Graphic Novel

http://www.versus.com/graphicnovel# I really can’t believe I never saw this while the tour was going on.  Bad ass videos!

Finally Hit 500

Finally crossed the 500 mile mark on the new bike, averaging about 70 miles a week. Hopefully this week I’ll reach 1000 mile total distance ridden since I started

Panorama From The Tower At Shark Valley

This is the from the tower at the mid way point of the 15 mile shark valley trail in Everglades National Park. Cool panoramic pic created with autostitch on the iPhone. Pretty amazing little app, well worth the low price, but too bad I always stick my finger in the way!

Received my pedals… I R NOT AMUSED

I had won a set of Shimano PD-M324’s on eBay for $32 + s/h from donnastuff1 last week and was pretty happy with the deal. Today I receive the pedals, tear open the packaging and see the Shimano M324 box, w00t w00t!! Now I open the box and what do I see? WTF IS THIS … Continue reading

Some of the places I’ve ridden

One of my favorite parts of cycling is seeing things in my city that I normally don’t slow down enough to enjoy.  Just a few miles east of my house is the beautiful city of Coral Gables with its world famous Biltmore Hotel: This is a shot from Bike Miami in April, which took place … Continue reading

Road Biking

I recently picked up another addiction in my collection of many hobbies.  At least unlike most of my other hobbies this one is actually making me healthier.  Mid-Aprili I picked up a road bike and so far have about 350 miles on it, and have lost 15 lbs and feel great.  I started off with … Continue reading