Another Good Day at The Springs and a Few New Purchases

Went out to the Miami Springs again today, I really have no complaints about this place other than the traffic getting to it during rush hour.  Alex had to head home early, and Jorge had a flat so we didn’t get in many miles, but tried to make the 20 miles I did count.  This ride demonstrated my one glaring weakness, I can’t vary my pace.  You want to ride in a pace line at 18 mph? Fine. 20 mph? Fine, 22 mph? Fine.  Even 24 mph and I was still good.  Now put in a pace line where the speed constantly varies between those and I’ll be dead in 10 minutes.  Pfft,  I even died following Mandy around going from 16-20-16-20-16 mph back and forth.   I have one sprint in me per lap ( ) ,  any more than that and  I just don’t have the endurance for it yet.Again on this ride I did more pulling than I usually do, and again I surprised myself keeping it at about 20 mph even with some wind for a few miles.  At one point I was on Alex’s wheel and were coming on a group of slower riders after chasing Alex at about 22 mph for a few miles.  Completely out of character I decided to come around Alex and set the pace, I brought it up to 24-25 (max on my computer said 25.4 mph and I don’t remember going that fast at any other point today) and held it there for the remainder of the lap, which was a couple of minutes.  I don’t think I’ve ever LED at 25 mph for any period of time, I can barely chase at 25 mph unless I have a good tail wind.  I’ve definitely crossed a plateau and my power is coming up, good thing too because I had leveled off for a while and wasn’t liking that one bit.

In order to improve my training I’ve ordered the Garmin Forerunner 50 ( ) and the  Speed and Cadence Sensor ( ). Its not the best of the Heart rate monitors, but it’ll get the job done, the reviews on it don’t seem bad and I’ll have the speed and cadence sensor already when I can afford to upgrade to a better GPS/cyclocomputer.  I’ve also been getting sick of the stock saddle on my bike. It has waaay too much padding, and it slides around too much.  It’s one good quality is that its amazingly comfortable.

Here’s a pic of the current saddle:

And I was looking around Performance Bike’s website and spotted a  Forte Pro SLX ( ) for $39.99. It looked nice and I read a few reviews on it and PM’d a few members on that use it and all gave it positive reviews so I jumped on it, can’t wait to try it out.  I also ordered some tubes for cheap and ordered a fork skewer bike holder thingamabobber to hold my bike when I put it in my car.

The old saddle will go on my mountain bike which I’ll be getting back this weekend and will be moving onto commuter detail soon.  I figure the crappy mountain bike will be safer than my road bike being locked up for 5 hours a day.  I’ll be putting some slicks on it that Mandy said he’ll hook me up with (thanks meng) to help with the rolling resistance and make my ride a bit more pleasant, but not much can help the 40 lbs of heft on that decrepit beast from Target.  Now I just need a u-lock and a rear rack.  Any recommendations on either would be appreciated.  For the ulock I’m thinking of the  Kryptonite STD New York ( ) I like to err on the side of caution and have a proficiency for having things stolen from me. that seems like a good bet, at the expense of some extra weight and a bit more money.  Any other recommendations?

Until the next one!


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