Topeak Road Morph G Pump. Bye Bye CO2

Don’t get me wrong, co2 is great… As long as you have enough.

 The ride over the weekend with ralf wasn’t completely free of problems. About 16 miles in Ralf got a flat. We patched up the tire and then hit it with the co2 which didn’t fill it up completely so we had to crack open a second cartridge.

 When we get to the track ralf notices the tire is low again. I guess the patch didn’t hold but no biggie we have another tube, 5 minutes later and one and a half cartridges more and he’s good to go.

 40 miles
1 flat
3 cartridges

 One more flat and we would be screwed since that’s all the co2 we had, and gas stations don’t usually accomodate presta valves.

 Yea… Sure it was user error with the patch but still, it left me feeling uneasy. In the next few weeks I want to start doing a lot more commuting, particularly to class and back which is about 9 miles each way and don’t want to worry about having enough co2 if I get a flat or having to stop by the lbs to buy refills for the next day if I do get a flat.

 So I started researching frame pumps and the road morph came highly recommended by most and was pretty affordable. I got mine from amazon for 27 bucks shipped, don’t know if it’s the best deal but I’m happy.

 The pump will do 120 psi, it takes some effort but it does make it. The fact it has a hose to connect to the stem means that it unlikely to damage your tube. The foot grip and t-bar helps a lot when getting to the higher psi, I don’t think I’d be able to make it with out them.

 The only negative (apart from my hand still hurting from pumping it to 120 psi) is that the gauge is VERY hard to read… VERY VERY hard to read. Which I think they addressed on the turbo morph, but apart from that small nuance I’m happy with it. When I have to use it on the road I’ll give another review, but hopefully that won’t be any time soon.

Next up is a rack for the back to carry my stuff to class and and a good ulock/cable lock combo. that should hold me over until I can afford a single speed cyclocross bike for my commute. Fully dorked out with fenders, rack, 700×32 slicks, the pump, and maybe panniers. Hopefully it’ll keep me happy and I’ll be able to make it a worthwhile investment in gas saved. Cross your fingers for cooler weather.



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