Sunday Ride to Homestead

Ralf and I decided to go for a ride down the bus way and see where we’d end up. About 10 miles into the ride he mentions that there’s an HPDE (high performance driver education) event going on at the Homestead Speedway so I figured we’d make a ride out of it.  As far as rides go, it doesn’t get much easier than this, it’s 20 miles to the track, almost 100% flat for one “climb” that raises about 10 ft over 200 ft of distance, gotta love Miami!  The wind was hauling at about 18 mph and was a perfect headwind for most of the ride, I guess what we don’t have in climbs, we make up for with wind.
On the busway I got a nice view of this mangled mess, I hope who ever was driving it was ok, but that truck had been ripped apart.

Everyone knows I’m obsessed with autostich and panoramas so here are a few I took
The front of the speedway:

The view of the straight from the paddock

And a 360 degree view of the whole track:

At the end of the ride the computer read:

And no I wont show you the time because it was embarrassingly slow.

Until next time, enjoy the video of my day


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