As Promised, The Invisible Bike Lane

Miami city planners do an amazing job of putting up the proper signs around our city, I present you with exhibit A:

Way to fail Miami, way to f’ing fail. This puts a lot of confidence in your promise to make Miami a more bike friendly city.

3 Responses to “As Promised, The Invisible Bike Lane”
  1. Daniel M. Perez (Slow Bike Miami) says:

    Yeah, the disappearing bike lane is a problem all over the various cities. We have quite a few of them on the Beach as well. Where was this one in particular?

  2. Yaniel Cantelar says:

    This is in front of South West High School. on about 89th ave and sw 48 st. i just love how they put the sign about the bike lane starting, at the very end.

  3. Daniel M. Perez (Slow Bike Miami) says:

    I think that area falls under unicorporated Miami Dade county. And that’s part of the problem: we have so many little cities and unincorporated areas in between that it’s a nightmare to properly manage things within each entity, let alone between them.

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