Little Morning Ride around Westchester and Horse Country

I think my cold is finally gone so I took a little ride with my friend this morning.  We stayed in “the hood” to see if we could find any good area to ride around here.  No surprise, this place SUCKS for riding.  Miami drivers are clearly out for blood, passing us on blind curves, passing us as we get to stop signs, passing us up a blind bridge, etc.  I’m sure I’ll also eventually figure out the timing for the light because I swear it must have a sensor that knows the precise second I unclip my foot, because that’s when it changes, EVERY TIME!

Miami also has a knack for putting bike lanes in the stupidest place.  Every now and then we encounter a 20 ft long bike lane at a busy intersection, all this does is put us to the right of a car that might be making a right turn and since this lane just popped out of no where, they’re not expecting us there and as soon as we cross the intersection it ends, so now we have to merge back into traffic, traffic that is clearly congested because we just left a light… STUPID city planner is STUPID.  The best one, and I’ll get a picture of it next time I ride, is a bike lane that goes for one block and when it ENDS, it has a big nicely made sign that says…. “bike lane begins” yes… AT THE END!

Other than those 2 minor rants, it was a nice ride, lots of nice house in horse country ,and I’m sure one day I’ll get better at remembering to take pictures but for now, I present you with craptastic pics of intersections and yours truly with the bad arse bikes direct bike! (I like it, so suck it if you’re a BD hater)

Also had an interesting encounter with an old man protesting by himself outside of an abortion clinic, maybe one day he’ll get a group behind him but for now he’s not doing much but looking like a raving lunatic.  If he’s there next time I’ll grab some pics of him too.

On the way home I decided to do some hill repeats, but living in Miami and not near Key Biscayne this becomes challenging… I present you with my version of a hill…

It’s like 1/10th of a mile and not very steep but I figure if I do it a billion times in a hard gear it must help something so yea… That’s my mountain.  The palmetto expressway crossing by bird road.



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