Received my pedals… I R NOT AMUSED

I had won a set of Shimano PD-M324’s on eBay for $32 + s/h from donnastuff1 last week and was pretty happy with the deal. Today I receive the pedals, tear open the packaging and see the Shimano M324 box, w00t w00t!! Now I open the box and what do I see?

WTF IS THIS S#$T?!? Some craptastic old GT pedals with worn out bearings…. FANTASTIC!
That’s definitely not the same as this:

Nope… not even close. I had ordered the M324s because they’re platform on one side, and SPD on the other making them a great all around pedal for long rides or a quick jaunt down to the store and obviously expecting something of at least decent quality being a Shimano product. I really hope donnastuff1 makes this right as I have really been looking forward to going clipless and really can’t afford to buy the pedals again. I already have a set of Pearl Izumi Quest Mtb shoes coming in from Nashbar, which should be here soon as well. The only consolation in this is that the pedals are SPD compatible so at least I’d be able to use them until I can afford to get good ones again. I have my fingers crossed though; wish me luck!

If you’re wondering why I went with Mtb shoe’s on a road bike it’s because they are easier to walk around in and usually more comfortable. I don’t plan on racing or any type of competition so I rather trade efficiency for comfort and ease.

UPDATE: I was in contact with the seller and they gave me the option of sending them back, or refunding the difference since I found the GT pedals for $14 elsewhere. Instead of having to pay for shipping back and having nothing to show for it, I’ll just hold on to these for a few weeks and take the refund. I’ll update again when the refund comes through.


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