Another Good Day at The Springs and a Few New Purchases

Went out to the Miami Springs again today, I really have no complaints about this place other than the traffic getting to it during rush hour.  Alex had to head home early, and Jorge had a flat so we didn’t get in many miles, but tried to make the 20 miles I did count.  This … Continue reading

I’ve moved my RC and Tech blogs

You can now find all my RC blogs on YaniCan and all the Tech as well as an aggregation of all my posts on

Miami Springs Friday, Key Biscayne Saturday: My Riding is Improving

Last night: I went to out to Miami Springs to do the 8 mile loop with the guys, and put the a typical performance for me. While we’re moving I can hang with the group fine, but slowing down for intersections, or stopping for lights DESTROYS me, specially with everyone sprinting from a stand still. … Continue reading

Topeak Road Morph G Pump. Bye Bye CO2

Don’t get me wrong, co2 is great… As long as you have enough.  The ride over the weekend with ralf wasn’t completely free of problems. About 16 miles in Ralf got a flat. We patched up the tire and then hit it with the co2 which didn’t fill it up completely so we had to … Continue reading

Homestead Motorsports Speedway Panorama

Quick panorama of the track as viewed from the paddocks We started riding south on the bikes and some how ended up and luckily they’re having an HPDE. Picks of the cars on the track coming soon.

Sunday Ride to Homestead

Ralf and I decided to go for a ride down the bus way and see where we’d end up. About 10 miles into the ride he mentions that there’s an HPDE (high performance driver education) event going on at the Homestead Speedway so I figured we’d make a ride out of it.  As far as … Continue reading

As Promised, The Invisible Bike Lane

Miami city planners do an amazing job of putting up the proper signs around our city, I present you with exhibit A: Way to fail Miami, way to f’ing fail. This puts a lot of confidence in your promise to make Miami a more bike friendly city.

Bamboo Bike Review from amazing craftsmanship.

via is one of my favorite cycling blogs and he just did a short review on the bamboo road bike from web works. Bad ass that they can make a quality bike from bamboo and carbon fiber joints and it would make a great commuter.

Cannondale’s Urban line up seems pretty impressive for 2010

via a bad boy might be in my future for school transportation. i’m just worried about theft. might just end up with a cheap fixed gear or something, we’ll see.

Little Morning Ride around Westchester and Horse Country

I think my cold is finally gone so I took a little ride with my friend this morning.  We stayed in “the hood” to see if we could find any good area to ride around here.  No surprise, this place SUCKS for riding.  Miami drivers are clearly out for blood, passing us on blind curves, … Continue reading